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An experienced criminal defense attorney practicing in both State and Federal Court serving clients throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.
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Following graduation from Penn State University School of Law, Donald F. Martino served as a prosecutor in the Lycoming County District Attorney's Office, focusing on the prosecution of major felonies - including sex offenses against both adults and children - and heading the Lycoming County Sex Offender Task Force.

Attorney Martino left the District Attorney's Office in 2004 and has since focused his practice on the defense of persons facing criminal charges; having defended those accused of offenses ranging from traffic offenses and Driving Under the Influence all the way through those accused of First Degree Murder. Attorney Martino is not one to back down from a battle having seen clients through jury trials in both State and Federal Court.

Attorney Martino has been admitted to the bar in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States District Court of the Middle District of Pennsylvania.